Hello there. My name is Aly Winder. I’m a 21 year old living in the bright lights, and fast paced city of Las Vegas. Sometimes I just want to be taken away from all the light pollution, loudness, and craziness that surrounds me. The best escape for this is a good book. On my blog, “Been There, Reading That…” I will review and discuss a new young adult literature book every 2 weeks. I have a passion for reading, and I want that passion to spread to others as well. I hope that by reading my blog you will find new books to read, or even a book to recommend to a friend or child. The desire to read has been lost in the age of iphones, Netflix, and 4G. My goal is to inspire a curious mind to open a good book and become lost in a new world. If you have any books that you’d like me to read and review please message me on the “contact me” tab. Thank you.